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Hi, I'm a web and application developer from England and I started playing Facebook games in 2009. I started playing Farm Town and now I also play FarmVille, FarmVille 2, Family Farm and many other Zynga and Facebook games. I started using auto clickers to make the games even more enjoyable... until the free ones I used were eventually found to contain a virus!

After the virus's being found and having experience playing Facebook games, I had the idea for The eFarmer Tool. I wanted to develop an auto clicker that was safe for players, was easier to use, was portable, had a nice interface, took care of all the clicking and offered users quick and efficient support if they needed it, which are all things other auto clickers lack.

The popularity of the eFarmer Tool has really grown over the last year thanks to the eFarmer Tool users. The eFarmer Tool has received some great positive feedback. The tool has even changed the life of some players who were considering having to give up gaming due to the repetitive clicking and ailments such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury and carpel tunnel syndrome. The eFarmer Tool has allowed them to carry on doing something we enjoy, which gives me a great feeling inside!

The eFarmer Tool has grown to include a version for Windows and for Mac, it's own YouTube channel showcasing the tool in use, a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page and also an eFarmer Tool user account for becoming neighbours in games.

Overview of The eFarmer Tool

The eFarmer Tool is an application developed to do all the clicking for you in Facebook games. The eFarmer Tool is ideal for FarmVille, FarmVille 2, Farm Town, Family Farm, CityVille and many, many more. The eFarmer Tool takes complete control of clicking your mouse.

Set how many clicks you require per second, which mouse button to click and then press the shortcut keys on your keyboard to activate the clicking. All you have to do is move your cursor around the screen and the work is done automatically! Up to 50x the speed and efficiency! No more tired finger!

The eFarmer Tool is now available for Windows and Mac!

A list of games that the eFarmer Tool makes even more fun to play!

Big FarmBarn BuddyCastleVille
Cafe WorldChefVilleCityVille
CityVille 2CoasterVilleCountry Life
Country StoryEmpires & AlliesFairy Farm
Family FarmFantasy KingdomsFarmandia
Farm CountryFarm DefenseFarm Frenzy
Farm LandFarm PalsFarm Story
Farm ValleyFarming SimulatorFarmVille
FarmVille 2GnomeTownGourmet Ranch
Green FarmGreen Farm 2Happy Farm
Hemp TycoonIsland ParadiseJungle Extreme
Karma FarmLil Farm LifeLovely Farm
MarketlandMonster WorldMy Vineyard
MyFarmPot FarmSunshine Ranch
The HouseholdThe Pioneer TrailThe Sims Social
The VilleTiki FarmTreasure Isle
YoVilleZombie FarmFarm Up Social
Farm UpFamily Farm SeasideLet's Farm
Jurassic FarmFarm Frenzy 2Free Farm Game
Pot Farm: Grass RootsFarm ManiaThe Big Farm Theory
My Little FarmiesFarmeramaEco Farm
Farm SmartFarm Frenzy 3: American PieFarm Frenzy: Viking Heroes
Papaya FarmHappy FarmerOld MacDonald Pet Farm
Pig FarmMy FarmGourmet Ranch: Farm, Cook, Serve
A Farm TaleFarmVilla 2and many, many more!